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A long time ag

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A long time ago, there was a small town called "Kanoba Town" Parliament Cigarettes. There are many small animals living here, including white rabbits, puppies, deer, baby elephants, kittens ... they get along very well. However, the category of kittens is special, because the names of these kittens are veritable. There is a kitten called "Lightning Warrior" because its speed is as fast as lightning; there is a kitten called "Colorful Princess", Because it emits colorful light; there is also a kitten called "Sister Rourou" because of its gentle personality. One day, a small cat came from "Kanoba Town", and the kitten had no name. It thought quietly by the river: If I had a shiny name, how good would it be? Three kittens knew that a kitten came to their town and found it in the town. "Hey, what's your name?" Princess Qi Cai asked. "I ... I", said the nameless kitten whispering. "Don't be afraid, we just want to make a friend with you," Sister Rourou said kindly. When the kitten with no name heard it, he said bravely, "I am an orphan, so I am a kitten without a name, but I really hope I have a shiny name!" "Oh! ... "The three kittens barked in surprise. After the three kittens made friends with the unnamed kitten, they took him to their house and let him stay. At home, several kittens were discussing for the kitten with no name, and wanted to help him get a proper name, "I think it should be called" bald kitten "", "No, no, it should be called" white white Cat '"..." Stop, we have to give him a veritable name, then we have to see what function he has, so it's easy to get the name! "The Lightning Warrior said seriously. Sister Rourou said strangely: "So how can we see his function?" "Let's let us go adventure with him!" Colorful Princess saw the black on her body and said firmly. "Okay! Just do it!" They told this method to the unnamed kitten, and he agreed with it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Four little friends turned over one mountain after another, and finally reached the destination of his door-the forest. They went deeper and deeper, and darker and darker. With the light from the colorful princess Newport Cigarettes, they couldn't see the road at all. They were all black. The kittens began to be a little scared, and they walked slowly in small steps. Suddenly, they were surrounded by bats, and the Lightning Warrior, Colorful Princess, and Sister Rourou shouted, "Help, help ..." The unnamed kitten was quietly thinking of a way, but in fact he concealed a place�� ��He had a candle on his head, and he took out the lighter from the bag and lit the candle. "Bang, bang, bang", the bats were afraid of light, so they flew away quickly. "Huh? What's the matter?" The three kittens asked the unnamed kitten in surprise. The kitten replied embarrassedly: "Oh, that's it. Actually ... Actually, I have a candle on my head. I lit the candle with a lighter." They chatted and returned to the "Canoa town" After this adventure, the kittens learned the magic of the new partner, that is, the candle on his head, so the kitten took the name it wanted to have, "Candle Messenger" from now on, "Canoba "The town" has a pure, kind heart and a bright light. This "orphan" has become a happy and happy cat again!
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