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When I saw our uncle Fei Junlong from Jiangsu traveling through space and successfully landed, I was so envious that I would be able to build and fly a "spaceship" one day, how great! Hey! One day this dream really came true , I also drove it and caught a "Jiangyang bandit"! I don't believe it. Please watch it: One night, after eating, I fell asleep in bed and played, unconsciously I entered the castle of dreams. Wow! In the castle, there is a space shuttle specialty store, "Shenzhou" X parts store, missile raw material store ... I am really excited and dazzled. I was strolling around the street leisurely, and suddenly heard the citizens shouting: "The world's first master of robbery, seize jewels in an airship!" I heard this sudden news, and dared not neglect, hurried to take all the pocket money on my body Go to the "Shenzhou" X parts store and buy spaceship parts. After the parts were purchased, I quickly put them together, and within two minutes Parliament Cigarettes, a complete "alien spaceship" was presented. I opened the door, jumped in, and drew out the remote control, and the spacecraft quickly started. It took only a second to arrive at the jewellery shop where the accident occurred. When the boss saw me coming, as if he saw the Savior, he kept telling me: "Quick ... Quick ... He snatched a piece of valuable, flawless white jade and fled southeast by airship. Please hurry and arrest him To return to the case, I have my own gift here. "After listening to this, I said to the boss:" I did not come for you as a gift, but to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people of Li Min. : 'The road is uneven, we must draw a knife to help'. "As soon as the words fell, I took control of the" alien spaceship "and quickly chased" the world's first master of robbery. " I have been chasing for a while, why have n��t he seen him yet? Hey, there is a way, the "Powerful Propulsion Device" hasn't been used yet! Tap the button, swish, just a few seconds to catch the robber. I pulled out my self-made laser gun and said to him: "I'm here, hurry down and be surrendered." But the thief was "old rivers and lakes". He didn't listen to my warning and smiled and said to me: "Just with your broken gun, you can Did you catch me? "After I heard it, I was furious and immediately activated the" spaceship avatar "system. His airship was surrounded by my" avatar "in less than a few seconds. The thief saw that his dense airships had ��wrapped�� his airship, scaring him with legs soft and trembling. When I saw him like this, I warned again: "If you don't come down and be surrendered again, I'll call" Avatar "to squeeze you into meat." After listening to my second warning, he quickly "rolled" out of the airship, and repeatedly succumbed : "Heroic man spares his life, heroic man spares his life!" I immediately pulled a bundle of "strong rope revolving" rope from my body and tossed it to him (this kind of rope is fully automatic) Marlboro Lights. After a while, he was turned by my "strong rope revolving" "Bound tightly, go and search on his airship, hey! There is nothing beautiful!" This is not hard for me: "He must have used something that can make the object invisible." Fortunately, I had guarded against it early and sprinkled a bit of revealing agent. Really, the fair and flawless beauty of jade shines Online Cigarettes. The city residents heard that humans have captured "the world's first master of robbery", and they came to see "capture heroes" one after another. At this moment, the jewellery owner said to me: "You really are not easy
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