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Yesterday the world was woke to a true fact: Mike Trout is The King Of All Baseball."Why even bother? Yesterday was all about One Single Story. So today I celebrate. It’s almost ALL Trout.And why the hell not? Trout Day now ranks second in Halo lore only to a 2002 WS victory. And in the pantheon of Great Angel Days - where we also have Shohei Ohtani choosing the Angels Reggie Sanders Jersey , Vlad Guerrero choosing the Angels, Buzzie Bavasi giving Nolan Ryan a lifetime Free Agent contract, and Tony Reagins getting to the Winter Meetings in time to sign Adrian Beltre* - only Mike Trout Day holds the potential to move up into that #1 all-time slot.I would argue that if the Trout era results in at least 1 WS title, 2002 will move down from the only, to the first. And that makes the day that The Greatest Major League Baseball Player Of Our Generation committed the entire life span of his career to the Angels (and Angels fans) the very best single day in franchise history.We have soooo much fun ahead of us. If you can’t find a way to dig the shit out of it, that’s on you and you alone.I couldn’t be happier to gift you one whole day of Trout-Porn-HaloLinks:* Yes, I do know that those last 2 did not happen. That is known as sarcasm.A Little Bit Of Mike Trout NewsTo summarize, it’s an extension of 10 years at $36MM per year, with zero opt outs and a full no-trade clause..............That’s $360 million more, and a total of $430 million between now and when his contracts run out.To the consternation of many, this is a huge bargain for the Angels. FanGraphs seems almost angry......Craig Calcaterra seems to know that Arte could have afforded a lot more.....TheRinger uses the $ per fWAR math to see just how underpaid Trout will be. Basically, everything Trout produces above about 3.6 fWAR per season is free talent for Arte. They do state right up front that it’s impossible to pay Trout what he is actually worth in today’s terms. Which, I propose, should be proper motivation for somebody to look at how FanGraphs comes up with that valuation per fWAR in the first place, and start asking questions. That stuff wouldn’t pass the finance departments of my corporate customers, I can assure you...........But bundling all the upcoming dollars into one lump sum gives you one Mike Trout with a very significant achievement in contemporary sports history......But in overall history? There is still Floyd Mayweather. $450MM for 6 fights.............But...still...that is A LOT of money..........The deal impacts the thinking in more than a few other MLB Front Offices. I’m sure that more than one planning binder went into the shredder yesterday. But this list is, I think http://www.redsfanproshop.com/authentic-cliff-pennington-jersey , pretty short. It is quite possible that the ‘bargain’ contract that Mike is going to be signing will create a a soft cap for guys like Jacob deGrom and Mookie Betts and Kris Bryant. The old “well, you want Mike Trout money but you, sir, are no Mike Trout” argument............For his part, Mike Trout appears to not be getting too wrapped up in all the money that he wouldn’t ever be able to spend in his lifetime......He seems to be more about family and friends...and amazing baseball......and taking the day off......So just what is that Mike Trout benchmark? Enos Sarris reminds everyone with one long smorgasbord of Trout Porn. (I sure hope you have a subscription!!!)............And for those who DO have a subscription to The Athletic, Mike Trout took over that site yesterday: Is Mike Trout worth $430 million? The answer lies in the metrics........Keri: At 12 years and $430 million, Mike Trout is still underpaid........Rosenthal: Angels owner Arte Moreno couldn’t let Mike Trout get away — and now the pressure is on.........The Angels needed Mike Trout to stay, and now the Angels need to be good..........Philadelphia is only kinda sad. Mike is such a good guy it’s hard, even for Philly fans, to flip so fast and start flaming their Chosen One. They are starting, but it should be weeks, and even months, but they will get their groove on. Probably in time for the Eagles first home pre-season game...........Mike was vested in the LAA pipeline. He knows what is coming to Anaheim...........We can observe media input on how we are ‘wasting’ Trout, transition to how Billy Eppler can start doing his job. As if Eppler needs any such advice from the writing community............Some writers have already pivoted to admitting that Eppler has already fixed things.............And smack in between those is FiveThirtyEight, which has a decent POV concerning age curves, but far less awareness of where things sit with LAA and the Astros. (I can’t believe how little import is being given to Shohei Ohtani right now as a superstar contributor. When he does get mentioned, it’s almost as an afterthought.)...........This is silly. Sure Joe Morgan Jersey , Arte has always treated Trout straight up. No monkeying around with service time, etc. But does the author, Bill Baer, have a first-hand statement from Mike Trout himself that the whole reason that Mike is agreeing to such team-friendly terms is a reward to Arte for being a union-friendly sport?............Looking forward, this season Trout will be eclipsing a slew of notable MLB careers. With years and years of potential still ahead of him (and us!)..........Athletes of all sorts were motivated to react with amazement.....Within MLB, the Internet lost its mind......And Bryce Harper joking was everywhere. With my favorite line being “Bryce Harper realizing he has to live Philly for 13 years without any possibility of Mike Trout coming.”...........Now that it’s official that the east coast media ain’t getting Mike Trout ever, they are finding religion. The Angels need to get good so that they have an excuse to start watching Trout be brilliant...........Andrelton Simmons sees what Eppler and Arte are doing with the farm and with Mike, and he wants to be a part of it all...........And about that media. Of course it is just coincidence that on the day that the Trout signing being in the works is made public, and the press comes to Tempe for a feeding frenzy, the Angels choose to feed them Philly cheesesteaks. Just a coincidence. Sure.............And now we can stop comparing Trout and Harper. “Because one remains a top three player ever and the other is still Good Hair JD Drew.”...........Bryce Harper went a pretty quick 0 for 3 on his tampering attempts.............Which nicely teed up Victor with the mic drop............Some Other StuffTrevor Cahill will be our LAA Opening Day starter.............Justin Upton...remember him?...........Arte lost one of those tractors that drag infield screens around. What a bad time to need a few extra grand..............Oh, and Alex Bregman also signed a contract extension. 5 years, $100MM...........The Astros also are signing an extension with Ryan Pressly. 2 years, $17.5MM...........And the Rays are extending Brandon Lowe. 6 years, $24MM............Tim Tebow sees himself on the verge of an actual MLB career............Bryce Harper did have a little sunshine in his day............Stephen A. Smith needs to give back his recent paychecks.............MLB taking their shackles off of the AFL..........This Fortnite playing among MLB players is getting out of hand..........Have no fear, people. Joe Torre is our own Inspector Clouseau and is on the case concerning some strike out phenomenon............... CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — Bryce Harper has the Philadelphia Phillies thinking October baseball before even arriving in camp.The six-time All-Star outfielder and the Phillies agreed Thursday to a $330 million, 13-year contract Dave Concepcion Jersey , the largest deal in baseball history. Now a team that hasn’t had a winning record since 2011 is talking about winning championships.“Everybody talks about this picture behind us,” slugger Rhys Hoskins said on Friday about a photo hanging outside the clubhouse that captures the moment the team won the 2008 World Series. “There’s rally towels waving around, can’t see an empty seat, can’t see a place where people can stand. I don’t want to hear about it anymore. I want to feel it. I think we’re on our way and Bryce gives us a chance to be there.”The Phillies already liked their chances in the NL East after adding All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto, 2013 NL MVP Andrew McCutchen, two-time All-Star shortstop Jean Segura and reliever David Robertson to a club that won 80 games last season. Philadelphia led the division in August before collapsing down the stretch, going 16-33 the last 49 games.The 26-year-old Harper could be the final piece to get the team over the top, though his lucrative contract doesn’t preclude them from adding more. Dallas Keuchel, the 2015 AL Cy Young Award winner, remains unsigned.The Phillies’ odds at winning the division went from 2-1 to 5-4; the pennant from 7-1 to 4-1 and the World Series from 12-1 to 8-1.“We obviously got a lot better before the move,” Hoskins said. “There was a buzz around camp with the guys we got previously. But you bring in a guy like this and I think now we think and we know we can take the next step from last season to now this is ours. We feel that way. This is a confident bunch. You add a player like this and it makes everyone better.”That buzz Hoskins mentioned was even louder as everyone from ballpark attendants to team personnel waited for Harper to show up. He arrived on owner John Middleton’s private plane Friday afternoon and is expected to be introduced as early as Saturday after he takes a physical needed for the deal to be finalized. Two lockers were cleaned out for him inside the clubhouse.Middleton, who flew to Las Vegas last week for a second meeting with Harper and his agent, Scott Boras, signed autographs for excited fans a couple hours before the Phillies beat Pittsburgh 7-3 in an exhibition game.Harper already has been a hit at the box office before hitting his first home run. The team sold more than 100,000 tickets in only a few hours after Harper agreed to the deal. Demand for tickets for the opener on March 28 doubled on the secondary market.“I was pretty stunned by it,” McCutchen said of the news. “Wow, he’s coming here. It’s pretty cool. We’re all pumped about it.”Harper’s contract doesn’t include an opt-out clause and contains a full no-trade provision. Several players talked about the message that sends.“To hear that http://www.redsfanproshop.com/authentic-cliff-pennington-jersey , it shows he’s committed to the city and all those rumors about him not wanting to play in the city, it throws those out and shows how committed he is to winning and build a legacy for himself and the city of Philadelphia,” infielder Scott Kingery said.Hoskins, who also is represented by Boras, said he never tried to sell Harper on coming to the Phillies. He offered to give Harper an honest perspective on playing in Philadelphia and for manager Gabe Kapler. Harper didn’t ask for any advice, however.“Through his meetings, he got all the questions he had answered,” Hoskins said.Harper is the biggest free-agent signing in Philadelphia sports and he’ll face pressure to help the Phillies win only the third World Series title in franchise history. He’s faced enormous expectations since appearing on a cover of Sports Illustrated as a 16-year-old in 2009 under the title: “Chosen One.” He’s wearing a Phillies uniform on the cover of MLB’s video game, and Philadelphia’s projected win total rose from 85 to 89 in Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA program (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm), tied with Washington.Harper was the No. 1 overall pick by the Nationals in the 2010 amateur draft and was NL Rookie of the Year in 2012 at age 19. He was the 2015 NL MVP when he batted .330 and swatted 42 homers. But Harper has hit less than .250 in two of the past three seasons and only reached 100 RBIs last season.His numbers could skyrocket in a lineup filled with quality hitters and in a hitter-friendly stadium. Harper has batted .268 with 14 home runs, 32 RBIs, a .365 on-base percentage, a .564 slugging percentage, a .930 OPS and 48 hits in 50 games at Citizens Bank Park.“You throw that guy in any lineup and it’s going to make it dangerous,” Kingery said. “Lucky for us, he’s with us and he’s been doing some damage at Citizens Bank.”

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